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Gin and Cheese: A Pairing Guide | Filey Distillery

by William Rusling on Oct 31, 2023

Imagine sitting in a cosy British pub or perhaps your own living room. Before you are two of the UK's finest contributions to the culinary world: a meticulously crafted gin and a delectable slice of artisan cheese. As you sip the gin and savour the cheese, you experience a culinary harmony that is both surprising and delightful. The botanicals of the gin intertwine effortlessly with the rich, creamy flavours of the cheese, each elevating the other to heights hitherto unexplored.

Yes, you heard it right—gin and cheese, an unexpected yet utterly sensational pairing.

Why This Pairing Is Not as Odd as It Might Seem

People may know that gin and fruit pairing is a delight, but gin and cheese might appear to be more of an odd combination. However, much like a perfectly composed piece of music, the contrasting notes of gin's botanicals and cheese's creamy richness can create a balance that is nothing short of sublime. 

Just as wine and cheese have long been celebrated companions, gin—with its wide array of styles and flavour profiles—offers a contemporary twist to this age-old pairing tradition. Moreover, both gin and cheese hold a storied place in the UK's history and culture, making them natural partners for a truly British culinary experience.

The Basics of Pairing

When it comes to pairing foods and spirits, one might ponder whether it's a science, an art, or perhaps a bit of both. The answer isn't straightforward, as the act of pairing involves a nuanced understanding of both the ingredients involved and the sensory experience they create.

Factors That Contribute to a Good Pairing

Flavour Profile: 

Understanding the dominant and subtle flavours in both gin and cheese is crucial. Is the gin earthy or floral? Is the cheese nutty or sharp?


The mouthfeel of both components also plays a significant role. For example, a smooth, creamy cheese might pair better with a gin that has a softer, more rounded mouthfeel.


A robust Stilton may overpower a subtle gin, while a robust, botanical-heavy gin might overwhelm a delicate cheese.

Complementary vs. Contrasting Flavours: 

Some pairings work because the gin and cheese share similar flavour notes, while others succeed because they are polar opposites that balance each other out.


The finish or lingering taste should also be complementary, ensuring that neither the gin nor the cheese leaves an overpowering residue that masks the other's flavour.

The Pairing Guide

Now that we've explored the principles of pairing, it's time to get to the heart of the matter: the actual combinations that will ignite your palate and enrich your culinary lexicon. Below are some curated gin and cheese pairings, each with its own unique allure, designed to offer a comprehensive experience for UK aficionados.

London Dry with Cheddar: The Classic Pair

Why It Works: London Dry gin, known for its crisp, juniper-forward flavour profile, pairs exceptionally well with the nutty, often sharp taste of a good Cheddar. The robust character of Cheddar can stand up to the potent botanicals in the gin, resulting in a balanced, satisfying experience.

Serving Suggestions: Neat gin alongside thin slices of mature Cheddar, perhaps accompanied by some classic British oatcakes.

Old Tom with Stilton: For the Adventurous Soul

Why It Works: Old Tom gin offers a sweeter profile with pronounced botanicals, which complements the creamy and robust flavour of Stilton, particularly its blue veins. The sweetness of the gin counterbalances the tangy, somewhat aggressive nature of the Stilton.

Serving Suggestions: Consider making a gin cocktail that highlights Old Tom’s unique characteristics, and serve with small portions of Stilton on crackers or bread.

Plymouth with Red Leicester: A Match Made in Heaven

Why It Works: Plymouth gin is known for its soft, earthy, and slightly fruity character, making it an excellent match for the nutty, caramel-like flavour of Red Leicester. This pairing achieves a harmonious blend, neither overwhelming the other.

Serving Suggestions: A simple gin and tonic with a wheel of lemon, alongside slices of Red Leicester and perhaps some apple slices to refresh the palate.

Flavoured Gins with Goat Cheese: A Modern Twist

Why It Works: The modern wave of flavoured gins offers a plethora of taste experiences, from fruity to spicy to floral. These complex profiles can be beautifully matched with the tangy, sometimes herbaceous characteristics of goat cheese.

Serving Suggestions: A flavoured gin cocktail, like a Bramble or a fruit-infused gin and tonic, accompanied by herbed goat cheese on crisp flatbreads.

Wensleydale with Botanical Gins: A Harmony of Complexity

Why It Works: Wensleydale cheese, often paired with fruits like cranberries or apricots, offers a crumbly texture and a layered flavour profile. This complexity pairs well with botanical gins that themselves have a medley of flavours beyond just juniper.

Serving Suggestions: Neat botanical gin or a simple gin and tonic with a citrus twist, served alongside slices of fruit-infused Wensleydale.

Other Spirit and Cheese Pairings

Gin and cheese are by no means the first or only duo in the world of spirits and dairy. Wine and cheese are perhaps the most traditional pairing, celebrated for their mutual ability to age gracefully. Whisky and cheese is another interesting combination, with the smoky, caramel notes of the whisky providing a deep contrast to salty or creamy cheeses. Even beer and cheese have their moments, especially in the realm of hearty stouts and robust cheddars.

The Importance of Quality Gin in Cheese Pairings

When venturing into the world of gin and cheese pairings, the quality of your gin cannot be overstated. High-quality gin, such as Filey Distillery’s signature gin, crafted with a meticulous selection of botanicals and a refined distillation process, provides a nuanced flavour profile that can dramatically enhance the pairing experience. In contrast, a lower-quality gin may have overpowering or imbalanced flavours that can disrupt the harmony you're aiming to achieve with your cheese selections. 


Exploring the world of gin and cheese pairings reveals a fascinating blend of tradition, innovation, and sensory delight. From classic combinations like London Dry and Cheddar to adventurous pairings like Old Tom with Stilton, there's something to satisfy every palate. 

Make sure you're investing in quality gin to ensure the most rewarding and harmonious gin and cheese combos.

Happy pairing!